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Calgary Software Application and Web Development Articles
Web application development is the business strategies and policies carried out on the web as online

Successful organizations rely on Web applications as effective points of contact with customers, partners, and employees, and as a means to help reduce costs internally. There are many entities that require applications for the Web-one example would be Business-to-Business interaction. Many companies in the world today demand to do business with each other over secure and private networks. This process is becoming increasingly popular with a lot of overseas companies who outsource projects to each other.
The corporate intranet is slowly changing into the enterprise portal. Web applications are business strategies and policies carried out on the Web through the use of User, Business and Data . Anything from a simple online catalogue service to an online banking service is the example of Web Application Development . This process is becoming rapidly popular with a lot of overseas companies who outsource projects to each other.

Web Application Development Model

Like other software development models, the Web application development model is consist of 3 levels: User Services, Business Services and Data Services.

To interact with the application, visual entrance for the user or consumer are created in the very first level the User Service. This may be basic DHTML and HTML to complex COM components and Java applets.

The user services then take control of applications and business logic from the Business Services. Web scripting falls in this level range from in PHP/ASP/JSP to server side programming such as TCL, PERL and CORBA that permits the user to perform difficult or complex activities by a Web interface.

The final level is the Data Service layer. Data services store, recollect and update information at a higher-ranking. The examples of Data storage and retrieval devices are writeable media and Databases file systems. Databases are most practical for Web applications development. Databases make possible for developers to store, recollect, add to, and update information in an organized & systematic manner.

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