Crocus Plains Custom Enterprise Software

We work closely with you to engineer innovative, quality software to meet your specific business goals and endeavors. We take the time and care to listen, develop and execute custom software solutions. While ensuring customer satisfaction, we create solutions that generate and increase revenues at the best value.

Below is a list of recent custom software solutions that we have created for some of our clients:

Web-based Software Application Development

  • Employee tracking system for managing staffing allocation along with the employment application and approval processes (ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Corporate intranet system for managing customer appointments and accounts, product sales and orders as well as supplier's accounts (ASP 3.0 and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Time tracking system which tracks employee and contractor time, expenses and billable hours (C++ ISAPI and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Web portal for a provincial corporate challenge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions between employees and corporations (ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server)


Custom Desktop and Database Development

  • Internal project tracking and invoicing system which tracks time, expenses and services charged and then compiles this data for invoicing and reporting (Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • CRM application used by all areas of an international energy company including sales, accounting, pricing analysis and reporting (.NET and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Trucking ticket system which tracks client calls, point of origin and destination and load contents which includes client and government reporting and invoicing (Paradox)
  • School board membership maintenance and reporting application which handles submitting and prioritizing feedback and requests (Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access)


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