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How to start your own Web Design/Web Application Business with NO technical skills!

The craze has been on since the late 90?s. Internet business is the wave of the future and you can create passive income for yourself by helping small businesses get online and enhance some of the websites that are currently online with unique add-ons.

It is a program offered by our Intersection360 and can build your monthly passive income quickly - here is basically how it works:

- Overview First of all, Intersection360 - (as you may or may not know) is a high-tech applications development company, based here in the USA. What makes us unique are two things: we create non-branded/white-labeled web applications (so you can sell them as your own), we have also created one of the ?Best Partner Programs? in our industry (so you can make lots of passive income).

- Intersection360 products As of this writing (01/15/2007) Intersection360 offers the following three products:

Impress360 - a professionally designed web site complete with domain name, hosting, email, stock photography and our acclaimed web site editing software. WebEdit360 ? our acclaimed online web site editing software enables your customers to edit their website with ease. CharityHelper360 - this application allows non-profit organizations to securely accept donations, membership signups and event registrations from their existing websites. - What makes it one of the ?Best Partner Programs?? We offer two variations of our partner program ?Referral Agents? and ?Resellers?. Each has been developed for different types of people - Referral Agents if for people that DO NOT currently own or want to own their own business and Resellers is for people that want to start their own business or are already an established business.

Referral Agents: With a typical ?Partner Programs? you (the partner) sell a company?s product/service for A commission. Notice how the letter A is uppercase ? that?s right, with other companies you only receive 1 commission payment for each sale you make and that payment is typically 10 ? 30% of the sale. Intersection360 pays you 50% of each sale EVERY MONTH as long as that customer stays with us! Think about the financial difference.

Resellers: Resellers purchase our non-branded/white labeled products as their own at a wholesale price and mark up the price to their customers keeping the difference every month. Our product line is a great enhancement to any graphics design company, web development firm, printing company, etc?

Please see for complete details and a comparison of each variation.

- Sign Up To get started with the Intersection360 Partner Program you need to sign up, and it only takes 2 minutes to fill out the form (NO social security number OR credit card information is required). To sign up, go here

- Begin Marketing Referral Agents: Begin promoting your ?Partner ID?. A Partner ID is a 6 unique character identifier that your customers enter when they make a purchase with us, that purchase is then marked as coming from you and now you begin building your passive income. You will receive a deposit into your PayPal account every month on or about the 10th of the month. The dollar amount that we deposit will grow the more you sell.

Resellers: You have just expanded your product line (with NO out of pocket expense!) and can now attract more customers! We recommend that Resellers come up with new names for the products, download our non-branded user guides (they are in MS Word format) and customize them with your companies logo and color scheme (you can convert these to PDFs and offer these to your customers as help guides, downloadable from your website).

Next, come up with a pricing structure (above the wholesale price) that gives you a healthy chunk of money every month and that is reasonable for your potential customer base. You should add some new pages to your website that talk about your new products (remember you can call these products your own). When orders from your customers come in, simply place an order with us (at the wholesale price), we will then notify you when the product is ready ? typically within one business day.

You are now building your passive income with EVERY sale! How much you are building your passive income by is determined by the price YOU sell to your customers.

People (just like you) and small businesses all over the US are offering Intersection360 web technology as their own! For more information please visit:

ABOUT IAN ANDERSON Ian Anderson is co-founder of Intersection360. Ian specializes in hosted application architecture and GUI design. Intersection360 offers a wide range of non-branded web applications for the small business/non-profit markets. Some of Intersection360 products include: CharityHelper360 ? secure forms processing for non-profits, WebEdit360 ? an online website editor and more. Learn more about how you can sell Intersection360 products as your own with the Intersection360 Partner Program at

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