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iPhone Applications: Offering a Unique Experience
As we all know, iPhone is a touch screen GSM cell phone that supports more than 15,000 applications on its iMac operating system. This phone from Apple is also an iPod (allows you to listen to music at the touch of the screen), a video camera and a quick reaction accelerometer. Amongst the various iPhone applications is a GPS locator with local Google maps to ensure that you never get lost while on the move. The phone has been received tremendously well due to its features that include a digital camera, ambient light sensor, speaker, Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth.

The latest version of the iPhone offers a unique application facetime which allows the user to switch back and forth between the two cameras on the front and back, any time during a video call. All this with just the tap of a button!

One of the most exciting iPhone applications is its functionality as a full fledged media player. One can easily transfer songs to its internal memory from one's home computers or even an iTunes store. The iPhone is very useful for businessmen, as it supports the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync delivering push email, calendar and contacts and allows easy access to corporate resources. It supports popular email servers such as yahoo, Gmail, AOL and Microsoft. The phone's multi touch display allows users to control everything without pushing a button. One can type using a predictive keyboard, glide through photo albums with the cover flow and zoom in and out on a section of web page.

iPhone Applications from Independent Firms

Apart from the various iPhone applications developed by Apple Inc, several third parties have developed various applications ranging from games to news, blogs and ticketing. The iPhone's operating system provides an excellent platform for creating the next generation of innovative applications. One can also add customized solutions for adding private hosting platforms. iPhone application development is one of the most booming areas in the field of IT development.

iPhone applications are available in several categories like:
 Document management
 Language conversion
 Utility management

The vast popularity of iPhone has made it an excellent medium for sending social messages to users through advertising.'s video and rich media advertising network allows companies and organizations to communicate their message effectively to targeted users through smart mobile devices. The company develops unique advertising formats to enable advertisers to advertise on the various iPhone applications developed by individual firms.

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