Crocus Plains Custom Desktop and Database Development

Below is a list of recent custom software solutions that we have created for some of our clients:

  • Internal project tracking and invoicing system which tracks time, expenses and services charged and then compiles this data for invoicing and reporting (Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • CRM application used by all areas of an international energy company including sales, accounting, pricing analysis and reporting (.NET and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • li>Trucking ticket system which tracks client calls, point of origin and destination and load contents which includes client and government reporting and invoicing (Paradox)
  • School board membership maintenance and reporting application which handles submitting and prioritizing feedback and requests (Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access)
  • Fuel hauling incident reporting system which tracks investigations and reports the results to clients and the government (Microsoft Access)
  • Environmental database which tracks data sampling, activity and project data that is collected for a project site (Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Application which graphically maps the client's production areas of oil and gas (Delphi and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Client and document printing tracking system (Delphi and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Corporate master database which centrally stores client and project data as well as tracking meetings, contacts and site locations (Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access)
  • System for timecard entry and reporting as well as invoice generating and tracking (Microsoft Access)
  • Truck and lumber system for tracking truck cycle times to and from blocks and load data which is recorded for reporting (Delphi, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access)
  • Risk assessment application using data which is imported or freely entered. (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and Microsoft Access)
  • Client/server application which automates the collection and centralizing of data, gathered from various sources and types from across the internet, to empower analysis teams with an exponential set of data (.NET and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Staffing application for submitting, tracking, and securing internal job transfer applications which is integrated into a PeopleSoft payroll/employee management system (PeopleSoft, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access)
  • Application for tracking equipment usage and employee information and history as well as client and government reporting (Microsoft Access)
  • Security enhancement for Microsoft Access for protecting sensitive data and code (Microsoft Access)
  • Client/server scheduling system which manages the execution, completion and load balancing of tasks running throughout a farm of application servers (.NET and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Application which collects data from utility usage and billing for reporting, generating estimates and graphing (Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server)

Please contact us for more information or examples of our custom software development.