Crocus Plains Web-based Software Application Development

Below is a list of recent custom software solutions that we have created for some of our clients:

  • Employee tracking system for managing staffing allocation along with the employment application and approval processes (ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Corporate intranet system for managing customer appointments and accounts, product sales and orders as well as supplier's accounts (ASP 3.0 and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Time tracking system which tracks employee and contractor time, expenses and billable hours (C++ ISAPI and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Web portal for a provincial corporate challenge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions between employees and corporations (ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • System for a franchiser to manage their franchisees and the franchisees' client advertisements and accounts (ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Ticket ordering and management system for an annual wine and food festival (ASP 3.0 and Microsoft Access)
  • Clothes washer and dryer rebate application system (ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Sever)
  • Utility for extracting raw text from PDF documents (.NET)
  • Search engine for internal document retrieval (ASP.NET and Microsoft Access)
  • Real-time web site analysis and reporting utility for referring sites, site visitors, their stats, their visit duration and the pages they viewed (PHP, ASP.NET and MySQL)
  • Furnace survey and rebate application system (ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Public/internal catalogue, order entry and shipping system for fine chocolates (ASP 3.0 and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • System to administer rebates to businesses switching to energy saving LED signs (ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Extending the functionality of a web-based CMS package for an online sales catalog (CMS)

Please contact us for more information or examples of our custom software development.